Modify Call Queues


This article provides details on the following Call Queue related topics:

Call Queue Settings


Queue Reports

To learn how to modify the Lead Numbers, please visit the Lead Numbers Article.

Introduction to Call Queues

Call queues temporarily hold calls in the cloud when all users (agents) assigned to receive calls from the queue are unavailable. Queued calls are routed to an available agent when he/she is no longer on an active call. Each call queue is assigned a Lead Number, which is a telephone number outside callers can dial to reach users assigned to the call queue. Call queues are also assigned an internal extension, which can be dialed internally to reach users assigned to the call queue.

This article includes the following Call Queue features, all configurable from the My Account portal:

  • Activating and deactivating Call Queues
  • Modifying Call Queue Profile information and settings,
  • Assigning users (agents) to a Call Queue
  • Viewing call queue reports
  • Modifying greetings and announcement settings
  • Configuring overflow call routing
Call Queue Feature Notes


  • Users assigned to receive calls from the Call Queue are referred to as Agents.
  • Multiple call queues can be configured on your account, settings described in this article apply to each unique call queue.
  • Auto Attendants often include an option to route callers to a particular Call Queue, however each Call Queue is configured with a Lead Number for callers to dial directly to the queue.
  • Toll free numbers are often used to route callers to Call Queues.  These numbers will not be available to assign from the My Account portal; they will instead be pointing to a specific site.
  • User features, such as Call Forwarding, are not invoked on calls to Users from the Call Queue.
  • Agents (Users) can “sign out” of the queue by activating Do Not Disturb.
  • All greetings must be formatted as CCIT U-Law, 8.000kHz, 8-bit Mono attributes as a .wav file.

Getting Started

A Call Queue is a Site Service that is manages from the My Account portal.  To get started managing call queues:

1. Login to the My Account Portal.

2.  Click the My Site tab at the top of the screen.

3.  Select a site on the left. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.

4.  Click the Site Services tab at the top of the screen

5.  Click Auto Attendant on the menu on the left.

6.  Select the Auto Attendant you want to configure.

Overflow Settings

Overflow treatment is applied to calls when the queue reaches its size limit or when callers have been in queue for a specified amount of time. For example, if the queue size limit is set to 20, the twenty-first caller will be routed to the overflow destination. Likewise, if the overflow timer is set to two minutes, after two minutes, callers will be routed to the overflow destination.

To configure Overflow Settings, from the Announcements Tab:

  • Click Overflow on the menu on the left.
  • Select the destination to which overflow calls should be routed. From the What Action to take drop-down menu, choose one of the following:
  • Perform busy treatment – The caller hears a fast-busy tone.
  • Transfer to phone number – Enter the number to which you want to transfer overflow calls. This can be an extension within any site or an external number.
  • Play ringing until caller hangs up – The caller hears ringing until they disconnect.

Check Enable overflow after call wait (x number) of seconds (optional) to apply overflow treatment to queued calls after a certain amount of time.  If enabled, enter the amount of time in seconds.  If the maximum number of queued calls is met, the next call to be presented to the queue is treated with the overflow settings.

Check Play announcement before overflow processing (optional).  If selected, assign an announcement file to play before the call is sent to the overflow treatment.

  • Click Save.

Call Queue Support Videos