Manage an Auto Attendant


This article provides details on the following Auto Attendant related topics:

Modify the Dialing Menu for Business Hours and After Hours

Managing Greetings

To learn how to modify Time Schedule, please visit the Time Schedules Article.

Introduction to Auto Attendants

Auto Attendants are used to route calls to various destinations, employees within your company, specific groups of employees, voice mail, or other outside numbers. They provide callers with your company greeting and dialing menu options. Each Auto Attendant is assigned a unique 10-digit number for identification and setup purposes.

  • The Auto Attendant has two modes, one for business hours and the other for after hours. Each mode allows administrators to set up options 1 – 9, #, and * to present callers with different options from which to select. To route callers to another set, or branch of options, an additional Auto Attendant must be assigned to your account. To add an additional Auto Attendant to your account, please contact your Account Manager.
  • To route calls based on the time of day (e.g., after hours versus traditional business hours), you must configure an Auto Attendant schedule. You can also configure a company holiday schedule to identify the dates of holidays your company recognizes. On designated holidays, the after-hours greeting and menu dialing options are played to callers.
  • To run the same greeting at all times of the day, you do not need to create and assign a time schedule to your Auto Attendant.
  • If you require a unique message, greetings can be uploaded to the My Account portal as a .wav file or recorded from the Voice Portal.

Set Up an Auto Attendant Profile

1. Login to the My Account Portal.

2.  Click the My Site tab at the top of the screen.

3.  Select a site on the left. The My Site dashboard appears displaying quick links.

4.  Click the Site Services tab at the top of the screen

5.  Click Auto Attendant on the menu on the left.

6.  Select the Auto Attendant you want to configure.

  • Click Edit. The Edit Auto Attendant pop-up appears.
  • By default, the phone number assigned to the Auto Attendant displays in the Auto Attendant Name field. You can change the default number by entering a name for your Auto Attendant. Create a name that reflects the purpose of this specific auto attendant (e.g., Main Line Auto Attendant).  Note, this phone number may also be a lead number.
  • Modify the Extension assigned to the Auto Attendant, if applicable.
  • Select a Dialing Options: Enterprise or Site.

→  Enterprise – callers who reach the Auto Attendant and choose to dial by name or extension can reach any user at any location within the entire company.

→  Site – callers who reach the Auto Attendant and choose to dial by name or extension can reach any user located at the specific site associated with this Auto Attendant.

  • Assign a time schedule to the auto attendant.  The selected time schedule determines when callers will hear your greetings.
  • Select Business Hours and/or After Hours to allow callers to reach users by dialing their extension any time during the business hours or after hours time schedule.
  • Click Save.

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